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The Other 6 Million Who Voted For Your Cousin Voted For Corruption – Felix Ofosu Replies Gabby Darko

A parliamentary candidate and the former deputy minister for information during the Mahama Adminstration , Felix Ofosu has taken Gabby Otchere Darko to the leavers for suggesting that Ghanaians should be ashamed for voting for the former president John Mahama in the just ended general elections. 

The CEO of the Africa Associates and a leading member of the New Patrotic Party has made a post on his twitter page saying that the he had received a message from his friend who resides in the United States, according to his friend it was shocking to know that as many as six million Ghananaian electorates actually voted for the former president John Mahama to come back as president. 

Accrodibgto Mr. Gabby, he responded that there should be nothing surprising can’t the outcome as it is normal with electorates. He made his point with an example that if the Americans can make this same blunder of about 70 million of them voting fora president who never cared about them, it so shouldn’t be as surprising. Hiwvwrbwith all that, it is breathtaking that the two (Mahama and Trump) lost in the elections. 

”Americans voted for a leader who advised his citizens to drink bleach against Covid-19. What is important is that both men did not win, I said.” he wrote. 

In a clap back, Felix Ofosu Kwakye who found this insulting replied in a Twitter post that the Ghanaian voters should rather be ashamed for voting for the incumbent Akufo Addo. He outlay reasons that the President had endorsed a lot of unpatriotic deals that should have sent him packing in the elections. He made mention of the fact that the president had supervised a great deal of corruption and made the governance about friends and family.  

“Your friend is incalculably ignorant as are many of your supporters who have spoken like him. It is the other 6 million who supposedly voted for your cousin who should be excoriated for endorsing his corruption,fascism,nepotism, clannism, and high-handedness” he wrote. bb4e8099ef5c89e00a92b2a28f16e9b6?quality=uhq&format=webp&resize=720

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