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My party members are only good at backbiting, gossiping to win favours – NPP MP cries

Member of Parliament(MP) for Subin Constituency , Eugene Boakye Antwi says all the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and its members are good at is gossiping about people.

He said they take pride in telling lies about their colleagues just so they can enjoy favour from whoever they tell the lies to.

His comments comes on the back of claims that he did not vote for the President’s nominee for Speaker of Parliament.

He indicated in an interview with Accra-based Okay FM that “I voted for Mike Ocquaye and people who sat close to me can attest to that fact. The fact that I did not use the booth does not mean that I did not vote for Mike Ocquaye. All these NPP people know is to tell lies about people and gossip about people so they can get favour. I’ve been with the President for several years and it’s not now that I will betray him”.

Eugene Boakye Antwi noted that there was coordination between the NDC and their Members of Parliament something which was lacking on the NPP side hence they losing their election to the National Democratic Congress.

He used the opportunity to call on the leadership of the party to ensure that going forward, they will go into an election in the house with a strategy and not sit down watching aloof and later blame people for not voting.

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