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Murder of Ahmed Suale still fresh on minds of all journalists, Never again should any journalist suffer the horrible experience – Annas

Tiger Eye P.I stands in solidarity with media colleagues in demanding protection and justice for Manasseh
Azure Awuni, Edward Adeti, Afia Pokuaah, Captain Smart, Abdul Hayi Moomen, David Tamakloe, and
others who have ether been threatened with death or violence and/or intimidation. These acts smack of
barbarism, and backwardness, they are disturbing and have to be condemned.

Anonymous and open threats when not dealt with breed impunity in our society. Ahmed Hussein Suale
was openly threatened by a law maker and nothing happened. The next move was his murder.

It is a terrible thing to practice journalism under conditions such as these, and it is even dangerous when
nothing is done, and the perpetrators get to carry out their threats.

The murder of Ahmed Suale is still fresh on the minds of all journalists and sympathizers in this country.
Never again should any journalist suffer the horrible experience of Ahmed Suale. No journalist in the
country can survive the bullets of their assassins if ever they become targets. Assassins appear to be highly
skillful, tactful and are masters of their trade. Suale’s murderers shot him at close range on his neck and
twice at his chest while driving home.

Suale could not even have a second to turn on his body cam; he simply lost control over his body. His
murderers pursued him and then shot him twice in the chest at close range. This is how good contract
killers are at their job, and therefore they must be checked, tracked and apprehended whenever they
threaten anybody with death messages.

Tiger Eye P.I calls on the government to condemn these threats and careless utterances be it from
a lawmaker, a government official or opposition groups, in the strongest terms yet. The security agencies
must proactively investigate the sources of death threats and arrest the criminals. The security agencies should not be seen or be used to perpetuate any such attacks or intimidation.

Finally, we appeal to the National Media Commission and Ghana Journalist Association to do more,
particularly in engaging political parties and journalists who pursue public interest journalism.

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