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Election data is safe and will be preserved – EC

The Electoral Commission has noted allegations by the National Democratic Congress

(NDC) purporting that the Commission’s directive to deactivate the Barometric

Verification Devices (VDS) constitutes an illegality as deactivation would destroy

evidence related to verified voters for the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary


The Electoral Commission categorically states that these assertions are FALSE.

The Commission has carefully preserved and safeguarded all electronic and physical

records and data relating to the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections.

It is also instructive to note that the BVDs were only ACTIVATED prior to their use for

the Elections as a safeguard to ensure that no one was verified before the start of

Polls. Similarly, at the close of Polls, the BvDs were DEACTIVATED to prevent any

potential mischief of persons being verified after the close of Polls.

The process of deactivation is therefore meant to preserve the sanctity of the

verification data on the BVD and DOES NOT delete it. As a matter of fact, several

copies of the verification data are kept on the BVD.

This was demonstrated during an Inter-Party Advisory Committee (1PAC) meeting held

on Wednesday, 2nd December, 2020. The meeting was attended by representatives

of the Political Parties including Mr. Peter Boamah Otokunor (Deputy General

Secretary) and Mr. Daniel Amartey (Deputy Director, Elections) of the NDC, Civil

Society Organizations and Development Partners. The demonstration of the BVD was

prompted by a similar allegation by the NDC that the deactivation of BVDs would result

in the loss of data.

It is therefore unfortunate that the NDC would continue to make such misleading


We reassure the General Public that all data generated before, during and after the

Election has been preserved and ill be made available to any interested party in a

transparent manner when requested through the laid down process


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Election data is safe and will be preserved - EC 2

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