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Brexit trade deal passes with ease as opposition fizzles out | Politics News

For such a contentious issue, Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal stormed through the Commons largely unopposed, with opposition fizzling out with a whimper.

Yes, the Scottish National Party’s MPs, led by the shouty Ian Blackford, made a lot of noise throughout the day and 44 of them formed the majority of the MPs voting ‘no’.

They were joined by MPs from the smaller parties: 11 Liberal Democrats, eight DUP, three Plaid Cymru, two SDLP, the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas and a handful of others.

But that was largely it, on an issue that has divided the nation for nearly five years, split families and brought down two Conservative prime ministers.

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Boris Johnson signs trade deal with EU

And yes, 36 Labour MPs didn’t vote. And with proxy voting now available to stay-away MPs it must be assumed that many of them abstained in both Commons votes.

But in spite of predictions of a big and angry rebellion against Sir Keir Starmer’s order to vote for the Bill, only one Labour MP, Streatham’s Bell Ribeiro-Addy, voted against the deal.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer during the debate in the House of Commons on the EU (Future Relationship) Bill.
Only one Labour MP defied Sir Keir Starmer’s order to vote for the Bill

Diane Abbott, having declared during a speech during the debate bitterly attacking the Bill that she would vote against it, merely joined the Labour abstainers.

Other abstainers Kevin Brennan, Clive Lewis and Meg Hillier, said they couldn’t support the Bill, but most Labour MPs who spoke studiously backed Sir Keir’s “a thin deal is better than no deal”, however.

Junior front benchers Tonia Antoniazzi and Florence Eshjalomi tweeted their opposition and another, Helen Hayes, later announced she had offered her resignation.

But Sir Keir and his wily chief whip Nick Brown are unlikely to lose any sleep over this minor dissent.

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MPs overwhelmingly back EU-UK trade deal

Boris Johnson, meanwhile, will be jubilant that on an issue so divisive that he suspended 21 Tory MPs – including Ken Clarke and Churchill’s grandson, Nicholas Soames – last year when they defied him, there was barely a murmur of disquiet.

Only two veteran Tory eurosceptics, Owen Paterson and Sir John Redwood, abstained.

All the talk of “Spartans”, a “Star Chamber” and the hard men – and they are nearly all men – of the Tory right holding the PM’s feet to the fire came to nothing.

The PM will regard this outcome – two thumping majorities – as a good day’s work. A triumph, indeed.

For his part, Sir Keir Starmer will be relieved.

For both major party leaders, in party management terms this Brexit D-day could have been a whole lot worse.


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