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A Corrupt System Can’t Elect Leaders and Then Expect Honesty and Integrity from Them- Godfred Bokpin

An Economist and a Professor of Finance from the University of Ghana, Professor Godfred Bokpin has revealed that Ghana’s political system is corrupt, and a corrupt system cannot elect leaders and then expect honesty and integrity from them.

Professor Godfred Bokpin made this statement on Samson Ayenini’s Newsfile program on JoyNews television, when he was asked to comment on the issues of corruption within the year 2020.

“it will be very difficult to allow a corrupt system to elect a leader and afterwards expect honesty and integrity from them, I think its going to be very difficult. So, if we want to address this holistically, we have to look at our elections systems. We have designed a system that is so corrupt and we expect that system to produce an honest leader, I think that is asking a fish to climb a tree.” – he revealed

He stated that, if we look at how Political parties are funded and the lack of transparency, and the winner takes all approach in our politics seeks to fuel corruption in this country.

 Professor Godfred Bokpin further revealed that, there are some people who sees our politics as a business opportunity that they want to invest in, and they will maximize their political returns which will come at the expense of the larger common good and that is an issue in our country.

He said that, given what COVID has done, and the limited fiscal space going forward, we cannot entertain corruption on the manner that we have done pre-COVID.

Professor Godfred Bokpin concluded by suggesting that, Ghana needs a new constitution altogether that is fit for purpose, that represents our aspirations where we are heading towards. He also said that, the way parliament is taking shape now, he believes we can take advantage of it and nib corruption in the bud.

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